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Giant Jenga, the ultimate way to make event more fun and memorial

Posted on July 26, 2018  in Party Games

Giant Jenga, which can be found at Giant Jenga hire, is one of the nicest games that you can find out there. Regular Jenga is super fun and it requires a lot of attention and focus. But when you increase the size of Jenga boards, things are indeed getting crazy. And the cool thing is that playing this giant type of Jenga will just end up making the experience a lot more fun and interesting every time.

Is it a good idea to play Giant Jenga?

As you can imagine, Giant Jenga is very distinct in the way you play. Rules are pretty much the same as regular Jenga. But here you have the added complication of larger boards, which on their own can be a very demanding and challenging thing to focus on.

But on the other hand, Giant Jenga is a lot more fun. Since you are the one in control, you get to play faster and a lot easier. The boards are easier to retract and use, which in the end is the best option you can expect. It’s not going to be easy to play a game like this, but it’s very fun and it definitely has its own set of unique moments.

Is Giant Jenga good for events?

Yes, because it eliminates some of the pressure and it just brings in a whole lot of fun. You do need some sort of event like this in order to ease the pressure and make things more interesting. And in the end it does make a lot of sense to use such an approach. You just need to have the right approach and you will be quite impressed with the results for sure.

People love this type of game for events because it’s simple. Anyone can go and have fun with it. In addition, it also delivers a great array of features that are simple to peruse and just a great pleasure to explore as a whole. It’s definitely a great experience to be had, and one that does pay off quite a bit.

Plus, you can use it alongside other interesting game ideas here. You don’t have to worry about anything, you just need to check it out and the return on investment can be second to none for sure. It all comes down to making the right pick and playing Giant Jenga for fun whenever you want.

Don’t hesitate and give Giant Jenga a shot. It really is a very fun and interesting game, one that you will like playing again and again. Just consider trying it out for events, as you will have a lot of success with it. This helps you unwind, and it just brings in front a great set of cool moments for you to explore. So yes, Giant Jenga is a very good pick for events, and it will be one incredible game to experience in these situations. Just consider checking it out and it will help you create a cool event!


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Child Birthday Party

Posted on July 17, 2018  in Party Games

A child’s birthday is never complete without a few birthday party video games. After the eating and gift-giving part, birthday party video games are a great way to unwind and simply enjoy the occasion. .video game party Brisbane is a great option. Birthday party games range from simple children’s games such as hide and seek to more adult-themed activities such as poker and card games. No matter what the theme, it’s important to choose birthday party games that everyone will enjoy.

Birthday party games are often the main event in a children’s party. This means you have to fit your birthday party games to the party theme. If it’s a pool party, for example, pool games are the obvious choice. For a character-themed party, you can usually find character play sets for birthday party games. There are usually pre-prepared birthday party games for popular children’s films and cartoon characters.


Adult birthday party games usually depend on the overall feel of the occasion. Teenagers usually prefer sleepover parties, so birthday party games should be simple enough to be held in a small bedroom. Older celebrants may prefer card games, and those who are more daring can even try some strip poker. To make sure everyone will enjoy your birthday party games, have them participate in the planning and decide on the games themselves.


It’s also important to decide how many birthday party games you need for the occasion. Take into account how long each game might last and whether you’ll need extra space for some of the birthday party games. If a game isn’t going too well, make sure you have a backup plan and change the game as needed.


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Hunting Games

Posted on July 4, 2018  in Party Games

Hunting games are a popular source of entertainment and you don’t even have to be the kind of person who enjoys real-life hunting in order to love playing hunting games. With the advent of Internet came online hunting games. The first hunting games were created as a means to pass the time away. People who were bored or just needed a break from work enjoyed playing hunting games. However, these hunting games were low in quality because they had poor graphics and sounds. Today, though, hunting games already have great quality sound and graphics, as well as better game play, making these games more fun to play. 

Who can play online hunting games?

Hunting games found on the Internet can be played by anyone who knows how to use a computer. There are hunting games specifically designed for children and there are also those that are better suited for adults. These hunting games also come with levels and game options, making it easy for you to choose whether you want an easy game, one that is moderate in difficulty or a difficult game that is challenging. These options provided by hunting games make them appeal to individuals of varying age brackets.

What are the features of hunting games?

One of the things that make these games appealing is the environment they depict. When playing hunting games, you can experience hunting through forests, woods, hills, mountains, and even deserts. These online games also feature weather variables such as rain, wind, and snow fall, some of which you will naturally experience if you engage in real-life hunting. There are also hunting games that let you choose the kind of weapon you have and even the clothes you wear. Aside from that, some hunting games also let you play with your friends and even chat with them while the game is ongoing.

How can you play hunting games?

The first thing you have to do is find hunting games on the Internet. You can do this by keying in “hunting games” on your browser’s search bar. Look at the results and read information about various hunting games that come up. You can then read the terms and conditions of these hunting games as well as instructions on how to play. Choose hunting games that you think will be right for you. You can then download these hunting games if necessary, or you can choose to play those that are web-based. Some of these hunting games require you to register and pay a fee so that you can play whenever you want, but there are also free trials available for many of these games.


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What is meant by Giant Games?

Posted on July 4, 2018  in Party Games

Giant games are huge expanded versions of popular family games. Super expanding these games helps you to take it out the yard. During summer, for example, you may want to have fun activities at an outdoor party. The best way to maintain the relevance of the games would be to use huge versions of the same games you are familiar with. Giant games include games popular among all ages such as board games.

Making jumbo sizes of scrabble, twister and Jenga, for example, gives you the opportunity to have fun with almost anyone. Next time you have family reunions and lacking ideas, find a giant game for the yard. Others like Cornhole and KerPlunk can also be blown up more fun at the yard party. You will be surprised to find common house games more fun and exciting. Here are some types of giant games you can enjoy.

Unlike the normal size board games, the giant games take more time to finish. You will be required to carry blocks with both your hands and move around. You are obviously used to using your fingers and the slightest movements possible. With giant games, however, your body might sweat as you stay active moving around the yard.

Most popular giant games are the giant Jenga, connect four, cornhole, beanbag toss, glow in the dark bowling, Yahtzee, outdoor word games, giant outdoor KerPlunk, ladder golf and the life-size foosball.

Giant Connect Four

Giant Connect four is played by 2 people and mostly played by school kids. It is a good choice for yard games both for adults and children. Traditionally, it has a drawing of a 7 by 6 grid with 7 as the base on a paper. It will only cost you USD 60 and approximately four hours to construct the giant version. The complex part comes when you lay out the holes with a drill.

Connect four is popular among all ages and played everywhere so everyone can participate. It is easy to involve the attention and participation of everyone because it does not require energy or lots of intellect. Be sure to build a giant board of connecting for at your backyard as you prepare for a party or family reunion.

How to play

Fill the x and O from the bottom in turns. Let player one be X and player 2 be O before beginning the game. Begin by filling the center 4th column and you will be the likely winner within 41 moves. A player will only win when either they have a line of either an X or O. They can follow up a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Each player should put their parts to block

the other team from completing their four consecutive pieces. The player who fills the final 7th column completes the game.

The red circles in the image depict a double attack.


Cornhole is played by four people with two on each side. To play Cornhole, first find a flat surface on your yard, a parking lot or the beach. Lay your boards with cornhole on the flat surface facing each other. They should be 27 feet apart. You will be directly across your partner. Pick your bags and get ready to throw in. Cornhole is common in the Southern states and is a good gift for your friends and family. You can design one for them too.

Building your cornhole game from scratch at home is easy. All you will need are a few tools and the blueprint of the structure. It will be worth it to make a game that will make you proud of yourself. it would be better to get the easiest, cheapest and most convenient option though. If your story has an offer on prices then take advantage of it.

How to play

First, decide who goes first then take turns to pitch the bags. Stepping your foot in front of your board as the throw is an offense. The penalty will be to pelt the offender with more bags. A tossed bad should not touch the ground. Remove those that do and also those that hang off the board. After all the 8 balls have been played, the team with the most points is the first to throw in the second round.

To determine the score and winner simply count the bags. A bag remaining on the board is worth 1 point while one in the whole is worth 3 points. Compare the points with the opponent. To get the next thrower in case of a draw, cancel out the game and begin from scratch. The team that wins the game twice in a row wins the match.

You might be used to the small board games in your child’s room so much you no longer find it fun. When you try the giant versions you will be enthused by the massiveness of every action. When the huge blocks finally come crashing down, you will be yelling timber at the top of your voice.

There is no more need to wait through boring barbecues. You have games to keep you energetic all through a party. Camping trips and family reunions no longer have to be boring or dependent on alcohol to inspire activity